The Company

We are dedicated to helping software companies achieve high quality software with speed to market. In order to achieve this, our coaches are seasoned executives who have risen through the ranks and operated in many different roles. This allows us to provide training and coaching to all levels in the organization along with facilitation skills. Our motto is "Do The Right Thing".

Judith Mills

Judith Mills is interested in people. Rising through the ranks from software engineer to VP Development at a global software company, Judith is equally comfortable talking with teams about building great applications as she is working on organizational strategy in the boardroom. Her interest in people and her desire to create great work environments where people can thrive and do their best drive her to continually learn more and seek new opportunities to effect change. Judith has worked with leadership teams and implemented Scrum and Kanban for hundreds of teams on three continents.

Debra Feltoe

Debra Feltoe loves teamwork and making good software. Debra has a natural affinity for Agile and led her distributed organization through the transition to Scrum and Kanban. It was such fun and so rewarding for everyone, she could not give it up. Debra believes that people are the key to success and understanding is the key to people.

Mikko Sorvari

Agile Consultant with over two decades of experience in software development and over 15 years in various leadership roles. Mikko has a full appreciation of the technology, business and human sides of organizational change. Mikko has a great sense of how to help teams adopt Lean and Agile concepts and is equally comfortable working with highly technical teams as well as non-technical teams.

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