Transitions to agile practices. We have guided many software providers on their transitions to Agile.

Scrum is a good fit for those areas that require more planning and a disciplined approach such as software development. This typically involves working with executive teams to understand the benefits of this transition, transitioning the teams and then educating the areas impacted by the changes such as, sales, customers, services, support, etc. Common pitfalls are shared with the teams so they watch for warning signs and take corrective action quickly. We have transitioned several organizations through this to gain benefits such as quarterly deliveries where the release cycle had been 3+ years with missed dates. 4 years after this transition, the organization is still enjoying on time deliveries.

For some organizations, adoption of a Kanban system is a great way to visualize highly volatile areas of technical work. We have introduced Kanban in maintenance teams in order to improve throughput and prioritization of bug fixes and IT to help prioritize projects. This is typically a fast turnaround project that provides control over chaos allowing the team to be more productive and the business to enjoy improved customer satisfaction, communication and control.