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Whether you want to go deep into Leading Continuous Improvement or take the mystery out of Agile …

… whatever direction you choose, we’ll make it engaging, informative and fun!

“Not only did we learn the basics of Agile, it was great fun too. Our members loved it!  Judith and Debra did a fantastic job.”  ~Martha McGinnis, Vice President, Southeast Association of Facilitators

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Listen to Judith’s February Podcast on Workshops That Work– Agile for Everyone!

“Judith is a marvel. I have been involved in organizational transformation my entire management career, from top-tier consulting firms to Fortune 100 technology companies to rapidly growing startups, and Judith is by far the most effective change agent I have ever known.

Her broadly diverse multi-disciplinary skillset, and her extremely deep and varied wealth of practical experience, make her keenly adept at everything from executive coaching to individual team dynamics; but at the core, the fact that Judith is such a uniquely wise and wonderful person is what makes her the best.”

~Alan MacLamroc,
Chief Technology Officer, HealthTech Holdings, Inc.

In 2017, both Judith & Debra hosted a workshop for the Southeast Association of Facilitators (SEAF) showing Agile is not just for IT but for everyone! It also emphasized the role of facilitation in Agile. Thanks to Paula Fagerberg for some awesome visual notes.
In 2017, Judith spoke at Agile 2017 about creating a “Positively Productive” environment.
In 2016, Judith spoke at Agile Prague and the PMI Nashville symposium on “Can you hear me now? Start listening instead”. Judith also spoke on “Making Time For Innovation” at  Agile Day Atlanta
Judith and Sameer Bendre co-facilitated a session for the PMI Atlanta group on “Backlog to the Future” in January 2015. A group of 40-50 people created a backlog of desired Agile sessions for the group for the next year.
Judith spoke twice at Agile Alliance 2015: “Emotional Intelligence in Leadership” & “Can you hear me now? Start listening instead”. Both of these workshops are targeted for people in Leadership roles creating a good environment to get the best from their teams. The listening talk comes with a Cheat Sheet so please enjoy.

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